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File:DivisionofHerodsKingdom.gifFile:Dominion of David and Solomon.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen01 The Creation of Light.jpg
File:Dore 01 Gen02 The Creation of Eve.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen03 Adam and Eve Are Driven out of Eden.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen04 Cain Slays Abel.jpg
File:Dore 01 Gen04 Cain and Abel Offer Their Sacrifices.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen06 The World Is Destroyed by Water.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen07 The Great Flood.jpg
File:Dore 01 Gen08 A Dove Is Sent Forth from the Ark.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen09 Noah Curses Ham and Canaan.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen11 The Tower of Babel.jpg
File:Dore 01 Gen12 Abraham Goes to the Land of Canaan.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen18 Abraham and the Three Angels.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen19 Lot Flees as Sodom and Gomorrah Burn.jpg
File:Dore 01 Gen21 Abraham Sends Hagar and Ishmael Away.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen21 Hagar and Ishmael in the Wilderness.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen22 The Testing of Abraham's Faith.jpg
File:Dore 01 Gen23 The Burial of Sarah.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen24 Eliezer and Rebekah at the Well.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen24 The Meeting of Isaac and Rebekah.jpg
File:Dore 01 Gen27 Isaac Blesses Jacob.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen28 Jacob's Dream.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen29 Jacob Tends Laban's Flocks and Meets Rachel.jpg
File:Dore 01 Gen32 Jacob Prays for Protection.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen32 Jacob Wrestles with the Angel.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen33 Jacob and Esau Meet.jpg
File:Dore 01 Gen37 Joseph Is Sold by His Brothers.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen41 Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream.jpgFile:Dore 01 Gen45 Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers.jpg
File:Dore 01 Gen46 Jacob Goes to Egypt.jpgFile:Dore 02 Exod02 The Child Moses on the Nile.jpgFile:Dore 02 Exod02 The Finding of Moses.jpg
File:Dore 02 Exod07 Moses and Aaron Appear before Pharaoh.jpgFile:Dore 02 Exod09 The Fifth Plague - Livestock Disease.jpgFile:Dore 02 Exod10 The Ninth Plague - Darkness.jpg
File:Dore 02 Exod12 The Firstborn of the Egyptians Are Slain.jpgFile:Dore 02 Exod14 The Egyptians Drown in the Sea.jpgFile:Dore 02 Exod17 Moses Strikes the Rock at Horeb.jpg
File:Dore 02 Exod19 The Giving of the Law on Mount Sinai.jpgFile:Dore 02 Exod32 Moses Breaks the Tables of the Law.jpgFile:Dore 02 Exod32 Moses Comes Down from Mount Sinai.jpg
File:Dore 04 Num13 The Spies Return from the Promised Land.jpgFile:Dore 04 Num16 The Death of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram.jpgFile:Dore 04 Num21 The Bronze Serpent.jpg
File:Dore 04 Num22 An Angel Appears to Balaam.jpgFile:Dore 06 Josh03 The Israelites Cross the Jordan River.jpgFile:Dore 06 Josh06 Joshua Spares Rahab.jpg
File:Dore 06 Josh06 The Walls of Jericho Fall Down.jpgFile:Dore 06 Josh07 Achan Is Stoned to Death.jpgFile:Dore 06 Josh08 Joshua Burns the Town of Ai.jpg
File:Dore 06 Josh10 Joshua Commands the Sun to Stand Still.jpgFile:Dore 06 Josh10 The Army of the Amorites Is Destroyed .jpgFile:Dore 07 Judg02 An Angel Appears to the Israelites.jpg
File:Dore 07 Judg04 Jael Kills Sisera.jpgFile:Dore 07 Judg05 Deborah Praises Jael.jpgFile:Dore 07 Judg07 Gideon Chooses 300 Soldiers.jpg
File:Dore 07 Judg07 The Midianites Are Routed.jpgFile:Dore 07 Judg09 The Death of Abimelech.jpgFile:Dore 07 Judg11 Jephthah's Daughter Comes to Meet Her Father.jpg
File:Dore 07 Judg11 Women Mourn with Jephthah's Daughter.jpgFile:Dore 07 Judg14 Samson Slays a Lion.jpgFile:Dore 07 Judg15 Samson Destroys the Philistines.jpg
File:Dore 07 Judg16 Samson Carries away the Gates of Gaza.jpgFile:Dore 07 Judg16 Samson and Delilah.jpgFile:Dore 07 Judg16 The Death of Samson.jpg
File:Dore 07 Judg19 A Levite Finds a Woman's Corpse.jpgFile:Dore 07 Judg19 The Levite Carries the Woman's Body Away.jpgFile:Dore 07 Judg21 The Benjaminites Take the Virgins.jpg
File:Dore 08 Ruth01 Naomi and Her Daughters-in-Law.jpgFile:Dore 08 Ruth02 Ruth and Boaz.jpgFile:Dore 09 1Sam06 The Ark Is Returned to Beth-shemesh.jpg
File:Dore 09 1Sam09 Samuel Blesses Saul.jpgFile:Dore 09 1Sam15 The Death of Agag.jpgFile:Dore 09 1Sam17 David Slays Goliath.jpg
File:Dore 09 1Sam18 Saul Attempts to Kill David.jpgFile:Dore 09 1Sam19 David Escapes through a Window.jpgFile:Dore 09 1Sam20 David and Jonathan.jpg
File:Dore 09 1Sam24 David Shows Saul.jpgFile:Dore 09 1Sam28 Saul and the Witch of Endor.jpgFile:Dore 09 1Sam31 The Death of Saul.jpg
File:Dore 10 2Sam02 Combat Soldiers of Ish-bosheth and David.jpgFile:Dore 10 2Sam12 David Attacks the Ammonites.jpgFile:Dore 10 2Sam18 David Mourns the Death of Absalom.jpg
File:Dore 10 2Sam18 The Death of Absalom.jpgFile:Dore 10 2Sam21 Abishai Saves David's Life.jpgFile:Dore 10 2Sam21 Rizpah Kindness toward the Dead.jpg
File:Dore 11 1Kings03 The Judgment of Solomon.jpgFile:Dore 11 1Kings05 Cedars Are Cut Down for the Temple.jpgFile:Dore 11 1Kings13 The Disobedient Prophet Is Slain by a Lion.jpg
File:Dore 11 1Kings17 Elijah Raises the Son of the Widow.jpgFile:Dore 11 1Kings18 The Prophets of Baal Are Slaughtered.jpgFile:Dore 12 2Kings02 Elijah Ascends to Heaven.jpg
File:Dore 13 1Chron10 Recovery the Bodies of Saul and His Sons.jpgFile:Dore 13 1Chron21 The Plague of Jerusalem.jpgFile:Dore 14 2Chron09 Solomon Receives the Queen of Sheba.jpg
File:Dore 14 2Chron10 King Solomon in Old Age.jpgFile:Dore 14 2Chron20 The Ammonite and Moabite Armies Destroyed.jpgFile:Dore 14 2Chron22 The Death of Athaliah.jpg
File:Dore 15 Ezra01 Cyrus Restores the Vessels of the Temple.jpgFile:Dore 15 Ezra03 The Rebuilding of the Temple Is Begun.jpgFile:Dore 15 Ezra07 Artaxerxes Grants Freedom to the Jews.jpg
File:Dore 15 Ezra09 Ezra Kneels in Prayer.jpgFile:Dore 16 Neh02 Nehemiah Views the Ruins of Jerusalem.jpgFile:Dore 16 Neh08 Ezra Reads the Law to the People.jpg
File:Dore 17 Esther01 Vashti Refuses to Obey Ahasuerus' Command.jpgFile:Dore 17 Esther06 The Triumph of Mordecai.jpgFile:Dore 17 Esther07 Esther Accuses Haman.jpg
File:Dore 18 Job01 Job Hears of His Misfortunes.jpgFile:Dore 18 Job02 Job Speaks with His Friends.jpgFile:Dore 23 Isa06 The Prophet Isaiah.jpg
File:Dore 23 Isa27 The Destruction of Leviathan.jpgFile:Dore 24 Jer01 The Prophet Jeremiah.jpgFile:Dore 24 Jer39 People Mourn over the Destruction of Jerusalem.jpg
File:Dore 26 Ezek01 The Prophet Ezekiel.jpgFile:Dore 27 Dan01 Daniel among the Exiles.jpgFile:Dore 27 Dan03 Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in the Furnace.jpg
File:Dore 27 Dan05 Daniel Interprets the Writing on the Wall.jpgFile:Dore 27 Dan06 Daniel in the Lions' Den.jpgFile:Dore 27 Dan07 Daniels Vision of the Four Beasts.jpg
File:Dore 30 Amos01 The Prophet Amos.jpgFile:Dore 32 Jonah02 Jonah Is Spewed Forth by the Whale.jpgFile:Dore 32 Jonah03 Jonah Preaches to the Ninevites.jpg
File:Dore 33 Micah01 Micah Exhorts the Israelites to Repent.jpgFile:Dore 40 Matt02 The Flight into Egypt.jpgFile:Dore 40 Matt02 The Magi from the East.jpg
File:Dore 40 Matt02 The Massacre of the Innocents.jpgFile:Dore 40 Matt03 The Baptism of Jesus.jpgFile:Dore 40 Matt06 The Sermon on the Mount.jpg
File:Dore 40 Matt12 The Dumb Man Possessed.jpgFile:Dore 40 Matt13 Christ In The Synagogue.jpgFile:Dore 40 Matt14 Herods Daughter Receives Head.jpg
File:Dore 40 Matt14 Jesus Feeds the Multitudes.jpgFile:Dore 40 Matt15 Jesus Healing The Sick.jpgFile:Dore 40 Matt17 Jesus Heals an Epileptic.jpg
File:Dore 40 Matt21 Jesus Enters into Jerusalem.jpgFile:Dore 40 Matt22 Jesus And The Tribute Money.jpgFile:Dore 40 Matt26 Jesus Prays in the Garden.jpg
File:Dore 40 Matt27 Jesus Is Mocked.jpgFile:Dore 40 Matt27 The Erection of the Cross.jpgFile:Dore 40 Matt28 The Resurrection.jpg
File:Dore 41 Mark01 John the Baptist Preaches in Wilderness.jpgFile:Dore 41 Mark02 The Disciples Pick Corn on the Sabbath.jpgFile:Dore 41 Mark04 Jesus Calms the Storm at Sea.jpg
File:Dore 41 Mark09 The Transfiguration of Jesus.jpgFile:Dore 41 Mark10 Jesus Blesses Little Children.jpgFile:Dore 41 Mark12 The Widows Mite.jpg
File:Dore 41 Mark14 The Kiss of Judas.jpgFile:Dore 41 Mark15 Jesus Body is Taken Down.jpgFile:Dore 41 Mark15 Jesus Falls with the Cross.jpg
File:Dore 42 Luke01 The Annunciation to Mary.jpgFile:Dore 44 Acts02 Apostles Preach the Gospel.jpgFile:Dore 44 Acts02 Descent of the Holy Spirit.jpg
File:Dore 44 Acts03 Peter and John Cure a Lame Man.jpgFile:Dore 44 Acts05 Death of Ananias.jpgFile:Dore 44 Acts07 Martyrdom of Stephen.jpg
File:Dore 44 Acts09 Conversion of Saul.jpgFile:Dore 44 Acts10 Peter in the House of Cornelius.jpgFile:Dore 44 Acts12 Peter Is Delivered from Prison.jpg
File:Dore 44 Acts17 Paul Preaches to the Thessalonians.jpgFile:Dore 44 Acts19 Paul at Ephesus.jpgFile:Dore 44 Acts21 Paul Is Rescued from the Multitude.jpg
File:Dore 44 Acts27 Paul Is Shipwrecked.jpgFile:Dore 66 Rev01 John on Patmos.jpgFile:Dore 66 Rev06 The Vision of Death.jpg
File:Dore 66 Rev12 The Woman And Dragon.jpgFile:Dore 66 Rev18 The Fall of Babylon.jpgFile:Dore 66 Rev20 The Final Judgment.jpg
File:Dore 66 Rev21 The New Jerusalem.jpgFile:Dore 67 1Macc02 Mattathias Appeals to the Jewish Refugees.jpgFile:Dore 67 1Macc02 Mattathias and the Apostate.jpg
File:Dore 67 1Macc05 Judas Maccabeus Pursues Timotheus.jpgFile:Dore 67 1Macc06 The Death of Eleazar.jpgFile:Dore 67 1Macc10 Jonathan Destroys the Temple of Dagon.jpg
File:Dore 68 2Macc03 Heliodorus Is Cast Down.jpgFile:Dore 68 2Macc05 The Army Appears in the Heavens.jpgFile:Dore 68 2Macc06 The Martyrdom of Eleazar the Scribe.jpg
File:Dore 68 2Macc07 The Courage of a Mother.jpgFile:Dore 68 2Macc09 The Punishment of Antiochus.jpgFile:Dore 68 2Macc11 The Angel Is Sent to Deliver Israel.jpg
File:Dore 68 2Macc15 Judas Maccabeus before Army of Nicanor.jpgFile:Dore 69 Judith13 Judith Shows the Head of Holofernes.jpgFile:Dore 69 Judith13 Judith and Holofernes.jpg
File:Dore 70 Susanna Susanna in the Bath.jpgFile:Dore 70 Susanna The Justification of Susanna.jpgFile:Dore 71 Tobit06 Tobias and the Angel.jpg
File:Dore 71 Tobit12 The Angel Raphael and the Family of Tobit.jpgFile:Dore 72 Bel01 Daniel Confounds the Priests of Bel.jpgFile:Dore 73 Baruch01 Baruch.jpg
File:Dore 74 EstGr15 Esther Before the King.jpgFile:Editconflict.jpgFile:Egypt.Israel.Sinai.jpg
File:Emblem-important.svgFile:Empire of David and Solomon.jpgFile:EstGr15 Esther Before the King.jpg
File:Exod02 The Child Moses on the Nile.jpgFile:Exod02 The Finding of Moses.jpgFile:Exod07 Moses and Aaron Appear before Pharaoh.jpg
File:Exod09 The Fifth Plague - Livestock Disease.jpgFile:Exodus.jpgFile:Exodus From Egypt.jpg
File:Eye of a Needle.jpgFile:Eye of a Needle in the gate.gifFile:Eyeofneedle.gif
File:Full Roman Empire.jpgFile:Gen12 Abraham Goes to the Land of Canaan.jpgFile:Gen18 Abraham and the Three Angels.jpg
File:Gen19 Lot Flees as Sodom and Gomorrah Burn.jpgFile:Gen1 The Creation of Light.jpgFile:Gen21A Abraham Sends Hagar and Ishmael Away.jpg
File:Gen22 The Testing of Abraham's Faith.jpgFile:Gen23 The Burial of Sarah.jpgFile:Gen24 Eliezer and Rebekah at the Well.jpg
File:Gen2 The Creation of Eve.jpgFile:Gen3 Adam and Eve Are Driven out of Eden.jpgFile:Gen4A Cain and Abel Offer Their Sacrifices.jpg
File:Gen4B Cain Slays Abel.jpgFile:Gen6 The World Is Destroyed by Water.jpgFile:Gen7 The Great Flood.jpg
File:Gen8 A Dove Is Sent Forth from the Ark.jpgFile:Gen9 Noah Curses Ham and Canaan.jpgFile:Gnome globe current event.svg
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File:John06 Jesus Walks on the Water.jpgFile:John08 Jesus and the Woman Taken in Adultery.jpgFile:John11 The Raising of Lazarus.jpg
File:John13 The Last Supper.jpgFile:John18 Peter Denies Knowing Jesus.jpgFile:John19a Jesus Is Scourged.jpg
File:John19b Jesus Is Crowned with Thorns.jpgFile:John19c Jesus Is Presented to the People.jpgFile:John19d Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross.jpg
File:John19e The Dead Jesus.jpgFile:John19f The Burial of Jesus.jpgFile:John21 The Miraculous Catch of Fish.jpg
File:KINGS.pngFile:Luke01a The Annunciation to Mary.jpgFile:Luke02a The Birth of Jesus.jpg
File:Luke02b Jesus among the Teachers.jpgFile:Luke04a The Temptation of Jesus.jpgFile:Luke04b Jesus Heals a Demoniac.jpg
File:Luke07a Mary Magdalene.jpgFile:Luke08a Jesus Raises the Daughter of Jairus.jpgFile:Luke10a Jesus with Martha and Mary.jpg
File:Luke10b The Good Samaritan.jpgFile:Luke10c Arrival of the Good Samaritan.jpgFile:Luke12a Jesus Preaches to the Multitude.jpg
File:Luke15a Return of the Prodigal Son.jpgFile:Luke15b Prodigal Son with His Father.jpgFile:Luke16a Lazarus at the Rich Man's House.jpg
File:Luke18a The Pharisee and the Publican.jpgFile:Luke19a Jesus Drives the Buyers and Sellers out of the Temple.jpgFile:Luke22a The Agony in the Garden.jpg
File:Luke23a The Death of Jesus.jpgFile:Luke23b Jesus Arrives at Calvary.jpgFile:Luke23c Darkness at the Crucifixion.jpg
File:Luke24a The Ascension.jpgFile:Luke24b Jesus and Two Disciples.jpgFile:Map of Ancient Jerusalem.jpg
File:Map of the Cities in Revelation.gifFile:Mark04a Jesus Calms the Storm at Sea.jpgFile:Mark09a The Transfiguration of Jesus.jpg
File:Mark10a Jesus Blesses Little Children.jpgFile:Mark12a The Widow's Mite.jpgFile:Mark14a The Kiss of Judas.jpg
File:Mark15a Jesus' Body Is Taken Down.jpgFile:Mark15b Jesus Falls with the Cross.jpgFile:Matt03a The Baptism of Jesus.jpg
File:Matt13a Jesus Preachers in the Synagogue.jpgFile:Matt26a Jesus Prays in the Garden.jpgFile:Matt27a The Cross Is Lifted Up.jpg
File:Matt27b Jesus is Mocked.jpgFile:Matt28a The Angel at the Empty Tomb.jpgFile:Modern Jerusalem.jpg
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